Why not just politics?

So, why, you ask, is one of my categories called “politic tic tics”?
Well, as they say…
There are two subjects you should avoid when you first meet someone or whenever you’re out on a first date ( personally, I think there are at least four subjects to avoid on a first date… but I digress): Religion and Politics.
Bringing up politics at a party is like chucking a stink bomb into the room. It gets everyone all riled up, and you feel the need to take a shower afterwards.
And if politics were bad, religion is far far worse. Mention something that touches on religion, and you might as well call the WWF and drop the cage down from the ceiling because things are about to get ugly.
Anyway, this will probably be the other ( or, one of the other ) more volatile sections of the site.

What is taboo?

Taboo is the section of stuff that will more than likely be politically incorrect and may offend people. If you’re the type of person that is easily offended, please skip this section.
Then again, if you’re easily offended, then you should probably skip this site. Move along. There’s nothing for you to see here…


This section will cover my experiences with working on a macintosh. I haven’t worked on a mac in probably seven years. Much has changed.