Election Drama

So, if you’re drinking while watching the election coverage, take a shot each time the press calls a state “too close to call.”
You should be passed out long before the night is over.

Disneyfying-Star Wars Part Two

After reading this post by Harry Knowles of AintItCoolNews, I’m feeling a bit less pessimistic about Disney owning Star Wars.
Harry Chimes in on Star Wars
My biggest fear is that they’ll stay the course like Lucas did with the first three films and try to specifically target an 8-to-10-year-old audience.
(Of course, strangely, Lucas says he was targeting that age group, but the plot – what plot there was – really didn’t play to that age group)
The other concern was that Disney would take some of their Disney TV shows and churn out a bunch of kid-friendly shows set in the Star Wars universe. For example, they have a “sitcom” about a bunch of kids studying karate. Take that same show, cast them as padawans, put them in the Star Wars universe, and BAM! – new show!
If Disney takes a more open-minded approach and opens up the Star Wars universe to both family-friendly content and more “grown-up” content, then there could be some potential for some very cool stuff. It’s certainly something Lucas would have never done.
It will be interesting to see regardless.

Disney-fying Star Wars

So, ol’ George has finally admitted defeat…
He’s finally gotten tired of finding new ways to milk more money out of the Star Wars franchise.
So, let’s sell it off to the one corporate entity who is even better than Lucas at licensing the crap out of their creations and putting them on anything and everything…
Last week’s announcement was shocking enough – that Lucas was selling Lucasfilm to Disney. Then, they also announce that they’re going to kick things off by releasing a new Star Wars movie (Episode 7) in 2015.
I’m dreading what Disney will do with the series. On the one hand, Lucas will only be a “creative consultant” on the new films, and NOT writing or directing the films.
So, there’s a chance they won’t completely suck.
On the other hand… It’s Disney, and I’ve seen enough of the bad television shows that my nieces and nephew watch on the Disney channel to dread what they could do with the series. It seems to me like – because it’s Disney, and they lean heavily towards family-oriented fare – that any darker tones of the story would be limited if not completely filtered out. That means no “Empire” type of movie, and there would definitely not be any execution of “younglings.”
Episode 7 implies that they’re going to pick up the story where things left off at the end of Return of the Jedi (otherwise they could have just said a “7th Star Wars movie”).
The biggest challenge there will be where to pick things up. Will they borrow from the existing canon like the Heir to the Empire books? Did Lucas remember writing rough outlines or notes about the last three films that he keeps saying never existed?
The other problem – The cast. They’ll more than likely have to re-cast the roles of the major characters (Han, Luke, Leia, etc). Hopefully they won’t pull some type of “generations” type of movie (re: Star Trek).
After seeing what Lucas did with the second set of films, I personally would rather they would just let it go.
Or, if they must make a new Star Wars movie, go back to the Old Republic days and make a film with a completely new cast of characters.
Let the story of Luke Skywalker and friends end with Return of the Jedi.

desperation sets in

We’re less than two days from the presidential elections, and both sides are launching a flurry of ads on television to sway those STILL undecided voters to their side.
The most disturbing set of these ads comes from the Republican PACs, and after seeing a few of these you really want to eliminate PACs altogether.
The milder ones are targeted specifically at women. The commercials show a couple of women (one jogging and thinking to herself, another addressing the viewer). They look concerned as they wonder about the job market. The commercials rattle off a couple of unfavorable statistics about jobs and the national debt (but don’t discuss how we got to this point), and then simply say Obama is bad for the country.
Another shows “Women for Romney” (I guess they dug into Romney’s “binders full of women” for this spot) – who talk about how they haven’t heard enough specifics on how Obama will change things in the next four years. They’re not happy how things have gone up to this point, so they’re jumping ship to Romney. The ads never state why Romney has a better plan; it’s simply that he’s different, so why not give him a shot?
The most disturbing one, in my opinion, is the one running in Ohio by another Republican PAC. This ad targets African-Americans and basically says: You should vote Republican because Abraham Lincoln was Republican, and he freed the slaves. I’m offended by the ad, and I’m not even in its target audience.
It’s sad, but not surprising, that none of these groups can a) find anything positive to say about Romney or his proposed policies to convince voters that he’s the right choice outside of saying “He’s not Obama” or “Obamacare is the devil” and b) they’re trying anything and everything to see what sticks.
Then again, that’s pretty much been Rommey’s approach the entire campaign. The strategy is to get up each day and consult the GOP magic 8-ball and figure out what stance they’re going to take today. “Should I talk about dissolving FEMA today?”
“Outlook not so good.”
“Okay, Today’s stance is: FEMA is a good thing.”
For a party that publicly says they are winning the election, their own supporters aren’t buying it, and they’re getting desperate.
— On the other hand —
Some funny election videos — This is really how you should end an election.
Joss Whedon on Romney
Another –
Mitt Romney Style (Gangnam Style Parody)
This one – is very NSFW —
A Political Version of Wake the F**K Up (with Samuel L Jackson)

Moving (around)

In case anyone sees some wackiness going on here, I’m in the process of moving hosting and DNS and all sorts of technical blah blah junk.
Since I’m moving the server, chances are likely I’ll pick a new theme (I seem to do this about once every couple of years when I’m updating WordPress and am bored with whatever theme I currently have up). So that may change as well.
I have several posts I want to put up, but I need to get my hosting situation resolved first –
More to come soon.