The first “portable” macintosh

portable-203.jpgI stumbled across this on the internet the other day, and it brought back memories. This site has a number of stories about old macintosh computers, and I had completely forgotten about the original macintosh portable. It wasn’t much more of a machine than the mac plus I had back in those days, and it weighed in at a ‘mere’ 16.8 lbs. It could be yours for only $5,799.00. *cough*

macplus.jpg In comparison, the G4 iBook I have only weighs 4.6 lbs, with an even bigger screen, and it’s in color. And, I’m not even sure where to measure the cpu comparison, but I imagine the mac plus is something like .000001 percent of the speed of the iBook. The original macs used to only have black and white screens. I don’t mean grayscale. I mean two colors: black and white. Grays were simulated using patterns of black and white dots. But, at the time the macintosh originally came out, it was considered revolutionary. The operating system, even when they eventually moved to color screens, kept most of the original look and feel of the black and white windows.

I am pretty sure I even had this copy of MacUser when it originally came out. The scary part is that this is from 1989. That’s how far technology has advanced in fifteen years.


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