Too Fat to Fly (Southwest)

In one of the crazier things that have happened this week, Kevin Smith was kicked off a Southwest flight last weekend because he was determined to be a “person of size.” He stated that he complied with their guidelines, and was still asked to leave the plane.

Here’s his take Smodcast Final Words, and it’s definitely worth watching. You may also want to listen to SMODCast 107, where Mr. Smith talks to Natali, a young woman who was on his return flight that had an incident with Southwest over this policy.

If you look on Southwest’s website, buried under the customer service section is a single link that describes their person of size policy.

According to their Customer of Size FAQ, it’s not “just about weight.” Of course, I’m not sure if this document has been recently updated after everything that went on with Mr. Smith this week, but it seems like it’s a recent update since it goes to great lengths to cover their policy.

The problem, though, is that the policy says that the definitive guide is whether or not the person can fit between the armrests of the seat. Mr. Smith states that he had no trouble putting down the armrests, and that in spite of that, he was asked to deplane.

Neither the policy NOR the FAQ state anything that outside of the “definitive guide” that any Southwest employee can make a judgement call on who is a “customer of size.”

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Lego Arms Dealer

Here’s something interesting that I stumbled across this weekend…
This guy creates custom weapons and lego mini-figurines:
Gizmodo has an interview with the guy that goes into more detail about how he creates the products, which I thought was pretty cool.
Gizmodo story

Love/Hate the Macbook Air

Let’s face it, we mac users are spoiled.
For years, Apple has created laptops that have been a marvel in both design and engineering. Both the Macbook and Macbook Pro overall have changed little over the years because they are just that well designed.
Even the competition has finally realized that design makes a difference and are putting a little more thought into the look of their machines.
Late last year, the rumors started floating around that Apple may release a subnotebook. Everyone started dreaming up what that could be. A lot of folks wanted Apple to bring back the 12″ Powerbook: a machine with all the power of the MBP in a smaller package.
And, if Apple were any other computer manufacturer, like Dell, HP, or Lenovo, that’s exactly what they would have done.
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Something to Ponder: Randy Pausch ‘Last Lecture’

This has been making its way around the intertubes. Carnegie-Mellon has been doing a series of lectures called the “Last Lecture,” where speakers would talk about whatever subject they thought important if this was the last presentation they would ever give.
One of their CS professors, though, is dying, and this is his last lecture.
Randy Pausch Lecture
The video is nearly two hours long, but you’ll want to set aside enough time to sit through the entire thing.
Yeah, I know, there are probably a lot of other things you could do with that time, but you won’t regret it.

Don’t tase me, bro!

Yes, that’s right.
You know your fifteen minutes of fame have started ticking away when:

  1. You interrupt a Q&A session of a politician who is basically irrelevant and demand that your ridiculous questions be answered.
  2. The handlers have you escorted away by police, which only get you all riled up and create a bigger fuss while your buddies capture all of it on camera.
  3. You continue to resist and make an even bigger scene, and then, beg the officers not to use a Taser on your sorry ass. They do anyway, just to shut you up.
  4. Video of the event makes it all over YouTube, and is picked up by all of the major news networks. Yes, even FOX News.
  5. And finally, the epitome of your fame hits: A phrase you utter during all of this is captured…. on a tee shirt.

Yes, that’s right! Act now, and you too can get the “Don’t Tase Me, Bro!” shirts online.
Don’t Tase Me, Bro!
Now, imagine what would have happened to this guy if he had waited until this week and pulled this on Iranian president Amendi, Amaner, Amonalisa… whatever.
But, alas, maybe he can hook up with the “Leave Britney Alone” shemale and they put on a show together.
Still, the tee-shirt is classic!
Even better, the “dick in a box” shirt
Box Shirt