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I am just now getting into using some of the programs that I have downloaded for the iBook. So far, the coolest one I have used has to be MarsEdit.
It’s a nifty little utility program that allows you to compose/edit your blog entries. Then, when you are ready, you can either upload it as a draft or publish it. You can easily find and add images to your blogs as well. I tried that feature out with the mac portable entry. Very cool.
I did have to find an patch a specific php file for WordPress, but it has worked pretty seamlessly after that. Someone probably has something similar available for windows.
This may be the first program I buy for the iBook. : )

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  1. Yeah, it’s pretty darn cool. I really like it myself. 😎
    The closest windows equivalent I’ve found is BlogJet — I’m not sure if it supports image upload, though.

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