farkin’ hilarious

For those of you who have never heard of fark.com, you should really drop in sometime. You don’t have to click on the “boobies” links, just read the headlines. Some of them are classic. Some links are not safe for work (NSFW), but they usually will label them as such.
The best one I saw tonight:
Bill Clinton sleeps on floor of plane during tsunami tour, allowing elder Bush to sleep on bed. Political analysts believe this is first time Clinton has seen bush in a bed and declined to jump in
Some others:
Body of Christ to get new and improved flavor
Boeing CEO fired because he couldn’t keep his plane out of a colleague’s hangar
Green Day wakes 9 year old from coma. First words are “Turn that sh*t off.”
America’s 10 most powerful women. Surprisingly, your wife did not make the list
Scientists develop new battery that can recharge in 6 minutes and can last 50 times longer than conventional batteries. Vibrator manufacturers said to be abuzz with delight

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