mac software purchases

It’s been a month since i bought my g4 ibook, and I have been happy with it so far.
I have not done any battery metrics with it, but the battery life has been impressive. I can charge it up, leave it unplugged for 3-4 days, turn it on and have a couple of hours of life on it. I’m pretty sure my toshiba won’t even boot if left unplugged for four days. I may try that later.
I have not yet tried to do any development on it, so there’s at least one program I have not picked up yet.
So far here’s the list of software I’ve purchased.
iLife ’05 upgrade
Mac Journal 3.0
NetNewsWire/MarsEdit ( right now Ranchero software has deal going where the license for NetNewsWire will also work on MarsEdit. Two nice products for $39.95 )
CopyWrite 2.1.8
I will probably add TextMate to the list at some point, but I need to play with it some more.
I may also pick up VoodooPad as well.
The nice thing is that all of these products are $40 or under.
I have yet to pick up Office for Mac yet. I just don’t know if I want to.
I am also staying away from graphics programs for now as well. I think my 12″ screen is going to a bit cramped for graphics, especially when I have a nice 22″ monitor 10 feet away from where I am typing this. Plus, the graphics apps are the ones with the $500-$700 price tags.
The only product I was a little disappointed with was MacJournal, and that’s only because they had a 15-day trial instead of a 30 like most companies. I like the product overall though.
So, I have spent about $125 on software and the iLife upgrade.

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