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Lego Arms Dealer

Here’s something interesting that I stumbled across this weekend…

This guy creates custom weapons and lego mini-figurines:


Gizmodo has an interview with the guy that goes into more detail about how he creates the products, which I thought was pretty cool.

Gizmodo story

Why Cats Are Better Than Dogs…

Apparently, a new study has shown that cat owners are less likely have heart attacks.

Cats Help Prevent Heart Attacks

This probably isn’t helpful for the Garfield minus Garfield guy.

What If? There was no Garfield?

So, what happens if you take a bunch of Garfield strips and, well, take out Garfield?

That’s exactly what happens here.

A World without Garfield

They are interesting to look at, if not a bit… odd.

Macbook Air – My Brief Love Affair

I’ll admit it… I was weak.

Like a middle aged man suddenly forgetting all about his wife and fantasizing about spending time with the young, gorgeous 20-something girl that has shown an interest in him, I was tempted by the seductive thinness of the Macbook Air.

Sure, my Macbook Pro and I have been through a lot together, but still, there was something about that “thin” goodness that appealed to me. I tried to rationalize why I needed one, and for a while, I was able to resist.

But then, I wandered into an Apple store and touched one…

In all seriousness, if you’re a road warrior and are considering purchasing a “thin and light” notebook, you really owe to yourself to go to an Apple store and look at one. The pictures/videos on the internet simply don’t do it justice.

It’s simply an amazingly thin and surprisingly sturdy little machine, and it had to be mine…

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